A Bitcoin Only Mobile Application


A Bitcoin Only Mobile Application

Our Vision & Technology goals

Our Vision at Tapsats is to allow ANYBODY, ANYWHERE, at ANY TIME to tap into the Bitcoin network. As previously shown possible in the small beach town “Bitcoin Beach” of El Salvador, we believe that Tapsats will power the next wave of Bitcoin first/Bitcoin only towns, cities and eventually entire countries economic ecosystems. Our focus today is on small towns and cities in South America & Africa like “Bitcoin Beach”, where majority of the population do not have bank accounts because of lack of access to legacy banking infrastructure or many other factors.

From a technology standpoint, our goal at Tapsats is to simplify the user experience as much as possible and remove the need for QR-Codes and complex Bitcoin addresses with NFC. We are building a global NFC enabled Bitcoin payments network, The Tapsats Network. This network will eventually cover entire countries through various secure satellite mesh networks, ultimately removing the need entirely for a wifi connection. 


Feel at home every time you open your Tapsats app by changing the way it looks to your own liking.


Customizable actions allow you to do everything you need with just one button. "Tap Once to Buy", "Tap Twice to Send" and "Tap & Hold to Pay" or change it up to whatever you feel most comfortable.


Satoshis are the smallest unit of Bitcoin. There are 100 million Satoshis in 1 Bitcoin. Tapsats calculates balances in Satoshis instead of how many Bitcoin you have. Find out why in the FAQs section below.

“Bitcoin was created to serve

a highly political intent, a

free and uncensored

network where all can

participate with equal


Amir Taaki


Most Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not. Tapsats is and always will be a BITCOIN ONLY company.

A common misunderstanding among the general population when they are looking at bitcoin is that you have to buy 1 Bitcoin. Depending on the day, an entire Bitcoin can cost 10’s of thousands, 100’s of thousands, and even more in the future. This is unrealistic and scares new users away from the ecosystem. So by calculating in Satoshis, we are helping people understand that you can buy individual units of a bitcoin instead of an entire Bitcoin. We are also future proofing your mindset to a day where everything is priced in Satoshis. 

Yes. Bitcoin has no borders. You can send Bitcoin on-chain to anybody with the Tapsats app or any other Bitcoin wallet/exchange.

You can also send Bitcoin through the Tapsats network to any Tapsats user instantly.

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